Week 2 of our episode a week thing (wow, super catchy name. What can I say, I’m a poet). What was your favorite thing about Let’s Hang Out in the Treehouse.




Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

We will be posting Squaresville Valentine’s tomorrow. If you want to submit one be sure to get it in soon!


Because we all miss Squaresville, here’s something different. Every friday we’ll post an episode and you’ll reblog it with your favorite moment/memory of that episode.

So week one. What was your favorite thing about episode one Nerds on the Run?


Hey Guys! 

(I bet you thought we forgot about you)

We decided that this place needed a little dusting off. What better time than Valentines Day? Most fandoms have their Valentines cards and we thought you Squares would want to spread the love too.

So here’s how it’s going to go. Make your Valentines. Send them through our submission box. Starting a few days before Valentines Day we’ll start posting them so you can spread the love while fighting the robots.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an ask.

As always, stay square guys!



Squaresville / Firefly Intro

I’ve always wondered what Squaresville would look like with a Firefly intro. Now we know!

It’s official, Squaresville crossovers are always the best.

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